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Mrs. Preeti Sabnis, a Dance enthusiast born in Maharashtra and raised in different states of India. Having said that, she got an opportunity to be trained in basics of different forms of Indian Classical and folk dances from a very early age. She pursued and completed her training under the guidance of eminent Guru Mrs. Manik Ambike in Bharatnatyam along with her studies. Regardless of her work, she never compromised the time spent for dancing throughout her career as a Lawyer and Company Secretary which in itself was a challenge. But getting through it without compromising in any way for her love of dancing made her realize dancing is an essential part of her life. And this feeling always kept her on her toes. For a few years now, she has been a choreographer and has set up dances for Corporates, NGO’s and Schools on a regular basis. She also had a dance class back in India until recently wherein she had about 20 students in each class which she had to hand over to her students to continue so she can make her journey to Europe and expand her horizons in dancing.
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